Sunday, 14 October 2012

Yellow bees!

For the past week or so our class had all been getting ready for the Fun Walk which took place last Friday! Our year colour was Yellow,, so we all decided we would dress up as bees! We made up a dance that represented friendship (the theme) and inclusion! Half of us were 'bad bees' then the other half were 'good bees', at the beginnig of the dance the bad bees bullied the good bees (while the song 'I'ma be' was playing) but afterwards we all learned to get along and we danced together to 'Here comes the sun'! Our class tutor was great, she helped us with the dance so much and even dressed up as a sun on the day itself! On Monday, we all found out we had actually won a prize for best class in our year!
Everybody 'Buzzing' during our dance routine!

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