Saturday, 8 September 2012

First week in TY !

For our first week in TY we started to get to know everyone in our class better and began to bond as a class, we also had our first day of workshops! During the day, we had three different workshops, i thought they were all really good! The first was a workshop about self-confidence and self-esteem! Secondly, we went to a workshop called 'positive party', this was all about thinking positively and turning negative feelings into positive ones. I thought this was really fun and everyone got really involved in all the activities which was great! Our last workshop was about etiquette and how we present ourselves at interviews etc. We learned many different things including table manners, how to walk properly and a brief lesson on how to apply make-up correctly and what make-up we should be using!

This week we also started designing our Junk Kouture outfits which was fun! We decided on what materials we would use and how we wanted to put all the materials together to create our dress!

I thought our first week in TY was really great, we started off projects in different classes, learned about our classmates and overall got to know each other much better! I can already tell this year is going to be so fun! I'll post as often as I can on this to keep people updated on what we're doing in TY! :)

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