Saturday, 15 September 2012

Results week!

This week, we got our Junior Certificate results! We were all so nervous the days before we got our results but also excited to be going out after our results to celebrate! We went in to the hall at 12:30 and we all waited with our old base classes to be handed our results! Everyone was so releived when they opened their envelopes, all the girls did so well! Once we got our results we were allowed leave, we all went out as a year group later to celebrate our results!

We were all so tired after our great night out, but we all managed to somehow make it out of bed and in to school on Thursday. Everybody had soon recovered by Friday however where we continued to work on our Junk Kouture projects and learnt more about our year trip to Carlingford on Monday! Our TY co-ordinator spoke to us about what we should bring on the trip and what activities we would be doing!
Every year, Carlingford is said to be one of the highlights of TY , i'm sure this will be the same for all of us too! Everyone, including myself, is so excited for it and it sounds like it will be great fun! Woooh! :)

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