Wednesday, 14 November 2012

October's over, Now here's November

October was probably the busiest month we have had of TY so far! For October, We have been working on all our class projects.

Mini Company:
The mini-company group that I am part of has finalised all our ideas for our company! We have created a company called DIY Dye, we are going to be selling kits to make it easy for people to dye their own shorts (or other clothes too) and stud them also! I think our kits will be useful to people as it's a cheap way to make cool designs with your old shorts and give your old clothes a new look!
Our company logo!

Technology F1 car competition:
This month our year started in on another project in our tech class! As part of the project we have to design  a race-car and enter it into the 'Formula1 schools competition'. If our idea is chosen out of the many that enter, our design will be manufactured into a mini-race car! Our team name is Titanium, we thought of this name as titanium is a really strong and durable metal, like our car would be! Our inspiration for the design comes from a cheetah, the world's fastest land animal!

Trip Around The World:
We started our 'trip around the world' geography project during October! We work in pairs for this project. We are set a budget of €24,000 and we have to plan an ideal trip around the world for two people. We must visit 2 developing countries, 2 underdeveloped countries and 2 developed countries! We will learn about the country's cultures and traditions as we 'travel' aorund the world on this trip!

Check back for more updates on my TY experience soon! 

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