Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Simon Community

During school on Firday, there was a talk organised by students in our year to be given on The Simon Community. This presentation was given by Ms.O'S, my art teacher, she explained to us the work The Simon Community does in Cork and how they incorporate people living in the Simon Houses to the local community.

Ms.O'S had previously worked with the Cork Simon Community and was involved with one project in particular; the big 'Four-o' project. This project involved making and art banner containing the work of residents of the Simon houses, each resident was given a blank canvas and created, along with the help of artists like Ms.O'S, a masterpiece. Each piece of art was copied and printed onto a large banner which was hung in Cork city. The art work created was beautiful and expressed so many emotions. I thought that this was really a great project and I found Ms.O'S's stories of how each piece was created to be really inspiring.

An example of some of the Big Four-O artwork.

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