Saturday, 15 December 2012

Junk Kouture Fashion Show!

Today at school we had our fashion show for junk kouture. This was a final showpiece of our creations, everyones outfits looked fantastic with their make-up and hair done! All of the outfits were so creative and they all looked amazing! So much effort went into making these outfits, we were all so proud when they were finally finished!
Muireann modeling our outfit!
The picture above is of our outfit, since my last Junk Kouture post, we have made a headpiece and decorated shoes to be worn with our outfit. We made the headpiece by attached a pom-pom made from tape to an old hairband. The shoes were decorated by wrapping tape around them and attaching them to the front of the shoes. I'm really happy with how our outfit turned out, we all aggreed we had worked as hard as we could to make it the best we could!
The fashion show was really great, it was so much fun! I loved looking at what outfits everyone else had created and what ideas they came up with!

-Blog soon, Abbie

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