Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mini-Company in Newbridge

For our second TY mini-company talk, we all headed off to Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge to learn even more about mini-companies from Orla, a representitive from the 'Kildare County Enterprise Board'.

We left our school early at around 9:30 and arrived in Newbridge shortly after 10:00!
Orla started the talk with each mini-company giving a brief introduction to their idea by the marketing managers within the group. We listened to each other's ideas, afterwards Orla told us more about the report that has to be completed to enter the Mini-Company competition in Kildare.

After we had learned all about the report we must make, we watched a few short films regarding different personality types. We learned how to identify each differnt personality type, they are known as; Passive, Aggressive, Passive Aggressive and Assertive. Passive personalities are more timid whereas Aggressive personalities tend to use shouting and e anger to express themselves. An assertive communicator has both the right levels of passiveness and aggressiveness within them. They tend to keep calm in tricky situations and gt across their message positively

Our mini-company talk then ended on this note, we then all headed up to the Food Court in Whitewater to have our lunch and chat about our mini-companies!

Bye for now, Abbie!

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