Sunday, 2 December 2012

November News

The month of November really flew by! All of us TY's had a lot of deadlines to comply with during November!
Geography Trip Around The World
We were assigned a geography project a little over a month ago, this project involved us planning a trip around the world for two people for a full year. We were put into pairs and each given a budget of €12,000 each to spend (A total of €24,00 between us). We had to visit six countries in total; 2 developed countries, 2 developing countries and 2 underdeveloped countries, and write about what we learned on our 'trip'. I was paired with Liz and we decided to visit Iceland, Poland, St.Lucia, Peru, Kenya and India.

English Mood Board 
We each made a mood board for our English class. On this 'Mood Board' we stuck on pictures or sayings that inspire us. We also stuck on things that explain who we are as a person and our different interests.
2012-12-03 19.22.25-1.jpg

As you can see from my mood board above, I have pictures of One Direction, Taylor Swift, swimming, camogie and other things too!

Our mini-company idea has really come on a lot during November, we are planning to start taking orders for our product tomorrow. I really hope people will be interested in our product! We have everything orgainsed to start making our DIY Dye kits, we just need to figure out the packaging really!

We also had a mini-company meeting with Orla in Newbridge, we were told more about how to manage our company and learnt about different personality types. The meeting was in the Odeon cinema and afterwards we were aloud to have our lunch in the food court! 

-Blog again soon, Abbie

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